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Emily Seitz


  1. MA, History & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, With Honors, The Pennsylvania State University, 2014
  2. BA, History & Behavioral Science, Magna cum Laude, York College of Pennsylvania, 2008


I am a doctoral candidate and instructor in the Departments of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at The Pennsylvania State University, where I’ve taught the introductory bioethics course, served as a teaching assistant for the introductory European history course, and held various research assistantships.  My current research focuses on nineteenth- and early twentieth-century medicine, public health campaigns, and the construction of the maternal-fetal relationship.  I’m currently at work on a dissertation titled “What About the Woman?: Managing Maternal Mortality in Philadelphia, 1850-1873,” which asks how turn of the twentieth-century campaigns to lower the United States’ high infant mortality rates affected women’s health and altered the boundaries of the maternal-fetal relationship.  My work has been supported by the Francis Clark Wood Institute for the History of Medicine at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Drexel University College of Medicine Legacy Center Archives and Special Collections, the Kautz Family YMCA Archives at the University of Minnesota, and the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science.  I have volunteered with several women’s health organizations, and prior to returning to graduate school I worked in advocacy for Planned Parenthood and in fundraising for a National Public Radio affiliate and a history museum.  You can find me on LinkedIn and