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Minor in Women's Studies Requirements

Women's studies undergraduate minors must complete a minimum of 18 credits of coursework, with a grade of C or better in each course. Interested students can now declare the Wmnst minor on eLion, however, it is encouraged to talk to Jennifer Wagner-Lawlor at about your intention to complete the minor.

Undergraduate students enrolled in, or interested in enrolling in, the Women's Studies BA, BS, or minor programs should seefor advising.

To schedule an advising appointment, click here.

 Checksheet for the Minor



Core Courses (6 credits):

  • WMNST 100 or WMNST 106
  • WMNST 301

Supporting Courses(12 credits):

Students may choose any Women’s Studies courses as supporting coursework, provided they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Choose at least one course with a WOC or NWW designation*
  • Choose at least two 400-level courses
  • Choose at least one course from list A and one from list B:

List A: Women's Studies Arts and Humanities List

  • WMNST 106, Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art and Popular Cultures
  • WMNST 101 The African American Woman (WOC)
  • WMNST 103 Racism and Sexism (WOC)
  • WMNST 104 Women and the American Experience
  • WMNST 116 Family and Sex Roles in Modern History
  • WMNST 117 Women in Modern History
  • WMNST 137 Women and Religion
  • WMNST 194 Women Writers
  • WMNST 197 Freshman Seminar
  • WMNST 364 Black & White Sexuality (WOC)
  • WMNST 406 Women and World Literature (NWW)
  • WMNST 407 Women and Theatre
  • WMNST 419 The History of Feminist Thought
  • WMNST 421 The History of European Women
  • WMNST 457 The History of Women in Science
  • WMNST 462 Reading Black, Reading Feminist (WOC)
  • WMNST 490 Women Writers and their Worlds
  • WMNST 497 Special Topics

List B: Women's Studies Natural & Social Sciences List

  • WMNST 005 Introduction to Women, Science , Technology and Engineering
  • WMNST 102 Women of Color: Cross Cultural Perspectives (WOC)
  • WMNST 103 Racism and Sexism (WOC)
  • WMNST 110 Sociology of Sex Roles
  • WMNST 116 Family and Sex Roles in Modern History
  • WMNST 117 Women in Modern History
  • WMNST 136 Women, Minorities & Employment (WOC)
  • WMNST 202 Gender Dynamics in Africa (NWW)
  • WMNST 205 Women, Minorities & the Media (WOC)
  • WMNST 250 Sexual Identity over the Lifespan
  • WMNST 297 Special topics course number
  • WMNST 300 Latina Feminisms (WOC)
  • WMNST 410 Spirit, Space, Survival: Contemporary black Women (WOC)
  • WMNST 419 the History of Feminist Thought
  • WMNST 420 Women in Developing Countries (NWW)
  • WMNST 423 RApe and Sexual Victimization
  • WMNST 424 The Female in Exercise and Sports
  • WMNST 452 Women's Health Issues
  • WMNST 453 Women and the Criminal Justice System
  • WMNST 455 Gender Roles in Communication
  • WMNST 458 Critical Issues in Reproduction
  • WMNST 471 Psychology of Gender
  • WMNST 476 Anthropology of gender (NWW)
  • WMNST 497 Special Topics

Total: 18 credits

*When choosing WMNST courses, all students must take at least 1 course which focuses on either WOCor NWW. These courses are designated on list A and B as WOC/NWW courses.

For more information on how to integrate these experiences into the Women's Studies major requirements, contact Women's Studies adviser