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Featured Courses

Some of our favorite Graduate courses. See the full list of graduate courses on the Penn State Bulletin, or read more about our graduate program.

Global Perspectives on Feminism

Exploration of feminist issues in a global perspective, including debates in history, ethics, and political feminism.

Gender & Sexuality

This course offers students an interdisciplinary overview of the complex topics of gender and sexuality. Employing various theoretical and disciplinary perspectives including feminist and queer theory, historical and sociological perspectives, visual culture, and post-colonial discourse, this course gives students a broad understanding of key historical and contemporary issues in the arena of gender and sexuality. This course engages the following themes: gender and sexual identities; the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, race, and class; discourses of heteronormitivity & homonormativity; the body, body politics, and bodily violence; contemporary movements for gender and sexual justice; racial, gender and sexual politics; performances and representations of gender and sexuality; health and medicalization; global LGBTA human rights issues; the (re)production of gender and sexual difference; labors of gender and sexuality; and the relationship between gender, sexuality and the State. Students in this course will develop a keen understanding of how these themes operate in the discourse of gender and sexuality. Throughout this course students will examine a variety of diverse texts (theoretical, historical ethnographic, literary, visual, and sonic) to gain a comprehensive introduction to the topic of gender and sexuality. This graduate seminar emphasizes discussion, writing, and research.

US Women's & Gender History

A critical analysis of gender and theories of gender in selected American historical contexts.

Cross-listed with: HIST 516

Global Black Feminist Thought

This course will explore the historical background and various expressions of contemporary Black feminist thought around the globe.

Gender & Nationalism

Impact of Western nationalism and colonialism on the organization of gender roles from the 18th century to the present.