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Internships and Opportunities

Internships and Opportunities

Internships WMNST 495 or LA 495

Independent Study WMNST 496

Students pursue formal independent studies for a variety of reasons. In many cases, students wish to take advantage of faculty knowledge or expertise in a particular area for which there are no regularly-scheduled courses. In other cases, students are interested in exploring an issue in depth and from a feminist standpoint as a potential career, or graduate school, path and/or in the absence of Women’s Studies faculty and course-work in that field here at Penn State. Many students also earn independent study credit for their work on an honor’s thesis with a faculty member. Independent study, in other words, is an opportunity to explore topics not covered by standard course offerings, or to pursue topics covered in standard courses in much greater depth or from a more specific angle.

Research Assistant WMNST 494

Research Assistantships provide students with the opportunity to earn credit and gain research

experience by assisting with faculty research projects. Many Women’s Studies faculty are engaged in ongoing research. For information on our faculty’s areas of specialization, please consult our departmental directory.

Undergraduate research assistants earn credits by helping a faculty member with various tasks related to their research. In addition, research assistants may be expected to complete assignments and write a paper at the conclusion of their assistantship.

Teaching Assistantship WMNST 496

Qualified undergraduates, who have previously completed the course and earned a grade of B or higher, may apply to serve as Teaching Assistants, working under the supervision of a faculty mentor to assist with an undergraduate Women’s Studies course. While a teaching assistantship can be a very valuable experience for any student, it is particularly recommended for those who plan to pursue teaching professionally, or those who foresee assuming teaching duties as graduate students. TAs are chosen entirely at the discretion of the faculty mentor, but students should meet with the Undergraduate Director in order to discuss responsibilities and requirements and to be registered for WMNST 496 credits.