Women’s Studies Minor

Women’s Studies Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed to develop a broad understanding of the study of women and women’s perspectives in all areas of academic scholarship. The primary focus is on feminist analyses of women’s lives, women’s social, cultural, and scientific contributions, and the structure of sex/gender systems. The interdisciplinary and inclusive nature of the field is reflected in a curriculum that includes courses cross-listed with a wide variety of departments, courses that deal with aspects of women’s lives throughout history, and courses that recognize the diversities of culture, race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability, and sexual orientation. The Women’s Studies minor emphasizes the development of critical and analytical skills, creative approaches to problem solving, and the ability to articulate productive alternatives.


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Prescribed Course (6 credits):

  • WMNST 83N, 100, 105N or 106N (Choose one)
  • WMNST 301N

Additional Courses (12 credits):

Students may choose any WGSS courses as supporting coursework, provided they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Choose at least one course with a WOC or NWW designation*
  • Choose at least two 400-level courses
  • Choose at least one course from list A and one from list B:

List A: Women’s Studies Arts and Humanities List

  • WMNST/AFAM 101 The African American Woman (WOC)
  • WMNST/AFAM 102 Women of Color: Cross-Cultural Perspective (NWW/WOC)
  • WMNST/AMST 104 Women and the American Experience
  • WMNST 105N Living in a Diverse World (if not taken as Core Course)
  • WMNST 106N Representing Women and Gender (if not taken as Core Course)
  • WMNST/HIST 117 Women in United States History
  • WMNST/JST/RLST 137 Gender and Religion (NWW)
  • WMNST/HIST 166 History of Sexuality
  • WMNST 175N Fashion, Gender, and Identity
  • WMNST/ENGL 194 Women Writers
  • WMNST 197 Special Topics**
  • WMNST/AFR 202N Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa (NWW)
  • WMNST/ART 207N LGBTQ+ Identity, Culture and The Arts
  • WMNST/AFAM/HIST 213Y African American Women’s History (WOC)
  • WMNST/ENGL/ARTH 225N Sexuality and Modern Visual Culture
  • WMNST/ENGL 227 Introduction to Queer Theory
  • WMNST/IT/CMLIT/HIST 240Q Artistic Patronage in Europe
  • WMNST/ENGL 245 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
  • WMNST/HIST 266Y Sex and Violence in Nineteenth-Century America
  • WMNST/FR 270 Race and Gender in Literature Translated from French
  • WMNST/JST/RLST 280 Gender and the Divine in South Asia
  • WMNST 297 Special Topics**
  • WMNST/LTNST 300 Latinx Gender and Sexuality Studies (WOC)
  • WMNST 350 Gender, War, and Militarism**
  • WMNST/AFAM 364N Black & White Sexuality (WOC)
  • WMNST 397 Special Topics**
  • WMNST 400N Debates in Contemporary Feminism 
  • WMNST 401 Doing Feminism: Theory and Practice**
  • WMNST/THEA 407W Women and Theatre
  • WMNST/AMST 430 Women in American Society**
  • WMNST/PHIL 438 Feminist Philosophy
  • WMNST/HIST/JST 439 Women and the Holocaust
  • WMNST/CAMS 450Y Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
  • WMNST/ENGL 462 Reading Black, Reading Feminist (WOC)
  • WMNST/HIST 466 Lesbian and Gay History
  • WMNST/IT 480 Italian Women Writers Through the Centuries
  • WMNST/ENGL 489 British Women Writers
  • WMNST/ENGL 490 Women Writers and Their Worlds 
  • WMNST/ENGL/AMST 491 American Women Writers
  • WMNST 497 Special Topics**

Tab 1.  List B: Women’s Studies Natural & Social Sciences List

  • WMNST 100 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (if not taken as Core Course)
  • WMNST 103 Racism and Sexism (WOC)
  • WMNST 105N Living in a Diverse World (if not taken as Core Course)
  • WMNST/SOC 110 Sociology of Gender
  • WMNST 116 Family and Sex Roles in Modern History
  • WMNST 120 Sex, Gender, and the Body
  • WMNST/AFAM/LER 136 Race, Gender, and Employment (WOC)
  • WMNST/STS 157 Science, Technology, and Gender
  • WMNST 197 Special Topics**
  • WMNST 200 Global Feminisms (WOC/NWW)
  • WMNST/AFR 202N Women, Gender, and Feminisms in Africa (NWW)
  • WMNST/COMM 205 Gender, Diversity, and the Media (WOC)
  • WMNST/ART 207N LGBTQ+ Identity, Culture and The Arts
  • WMNST 220 Beyond Birth Control: Feminist Perspectives on Women’s Sexualities
  • WMNST/IST 235 Gender and the Global Information Technology Sector
  • WMNST/HDFS 250 Sexual Identity over the Life Span
  • WMNST 297 Special Topics**
  • WMNST/AFAM/ANTH 303 Race and Gender in the Americas (NWW)
  • WMNST 350 Gender, War, and Militarism**
  • WMNST/AFAM 364N Black & White Sexuality (WOC)
  • WMNST 400N Debates in Contemporary Feminism
  • WMNST 401 Doing Feminism: Theory and Practice**
  • WMNST/EDTHP 412 Education and the Status of Women 
  • WMNST/CED 420W Gender and International Development (NWW)
  • WMNST/CRIM/CRIMJ 423 Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • WMNST/KINES 424 Women and Sport
  • WMNST/GEOG 426W Gendered Worlds
  • WMNST/PLSC 428 Gender and Politics
  • WMNST/AMST 430 Women in American Society**
  • WMNST/BBH/NURS 452 Women’s Health Issues
  • WMNST/CRIM/CRIMJ 453 Women and the Criminal Justice System
  • WMNST/CAS 455 Gender Roles in Communication
  • WMNST/SOC 456 Gender, Occupations, and Professions
  • WMNST/BBH 458 Critical Feminist Issues in Reproduction
  • WMNST/BESC 464 Feminine/Masculine
  • WMNST/PSYCH 471 Psychology of Gender
  • WMNST/LER 472 Work-Life Practices and Policies
  • WMNST/ANTH 476W Anthropology of Gender (NWW)
  • WMNST/SOC 477 Sociology of Sexuality
  • WMNST 497 Special Topics**

Total: 18 credits

*When choosing WMNST courses, all students must take at least 1 course which focuses on either Women of Color or Non-Western Women. These courses are designated on lists A and B with the codes WOC and NWW.

**These courses may be taught with a humanities or social sciences focus, depending on the instructor. Submit the syllabus to the WMNST advisor in order to determine the correct category (List A vs B) above.

For more information on how to integrate these experiences into the Women’s Studies major requirements, contact Women’s Studies advisor Julianna Chaszar.

Becoming a Major

Women’s studies undergraduate minors must complete a minimum of 18 credits of coursework, with a grade of C or better in each course. Please consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Tracy Rutler at , if you are interested in becoming a Women’s Studies Minor.

You can declare the minor in Women’s Studies through your Student Center in LionPATH. You can view a tutorial.