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Graduate Student Conference

The Spring 2021 conference will be held virtually on February 26th and February 27th.

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This interdisciplinary colloquium seeks to interrogate the places of feminism in a society “unhinged,” when the compass-needle fingers no longer pretend to point true north when asked who’s to blame for such “destruction.” Mobilized by these dubious times, we broadly investigate: how can feminist inquiry disrupt systemic norms and institutional barriers that have been reified in contemporary political and societal landscapes? And how do active engagements with intersectional feminist methods promote a liberatory politics in times of crisis that erupt into the present?We invite a wide range of submission types (poster, symposium, single presenter, flash talk, art, music, etc.) that employ feminist research, methods, and/or praxis to better understand the disruptions and eruptions brought about by: politics and elections, the COVID-19 pandemic, anti-Black violence and police brutality, increasing unemployment, changing legislation on immigration, debates about free speech, climate change, working from home, self-care and mental health, and other (new and ongoing) issues that have destabilized existing conditions or exacerbated preexisting ones. We are interested in empirical, theoretical, pedagogical, activist, and other work.We encourage all who have ideas related to “Disruptions and Eruptions” to submit!