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Featured Courses

Some of our favorite Undergraduate courses. See the full list of undergraduate courses on the Penn State Bulletin, or read more about our undergraduate program.

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

This introductory survey course fulfills requirements for General Education in Social Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, and US and International Cultures competence. It is also a prerequisite for upper-level courses in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. This class focuses on women's shared and unshared experiences, issues of gender roles and stereotyping, questions related to sex/gender systems, and the different disciplinary approaches to the study of women and gender.

Sexualities, Gender and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics

This course is an interdisciplinary survey of historical and contemporary feminist theories in both the United States and international contexts. While attention is given to key historical moments in feminist thought, the course stresses theoretical trends and debates in feminism today. 

Debates in Contemporary Feminism

This course is an advanced seminar in feminist and gender theory. The primary focus is critical engagement with social, political, and cultural theories of the social construction of gender and gender difference, and of the sources, causes, and effects of gender inequality and strategies for reducing or eradicating inequality.