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Department of Women's Studies

Department of Women's Studies

Sexuality and Gender Studies Minor
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Sexuality and Gender Studies Minor

Human Rainbow

The undergraduate minor in Sexuality and Gender Studies addresses human sexuality and gender as they have been conceptualized and investigated by diverse disciplines: humanities (including history and cultural studies), behavioral and social sciences, biological sciences, and visual and performance arts. Courses in the minor require students to explore scholarship and research on sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender across the lifespan, across cultures, and throughout history. Developing students' critical skills in a variety of disciplines, courses in the minor cover theories of sexuality and gender; sexual orientation; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender movements; the history of sexual norms; queer theory; gender identity; and impact of gender identities and erotic orientations on the arts; etc.

Professor in Charge:

Erin Heidt-Forsythe

Associate Professor of Women's Studies


Prescribed Courses (6 credits)

ENGL/WMNST 245: Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Studies (GH; US)

HDFS/WMNST 250: Sexual Identity over the Life Span (US)


Please note that both ENGL/WMNST 245 and HDFS/WMNST 250 are offered as on-line courses through World Campus in summer 2017. 

Additional Courses (12 credits)

In order to fulfill the interdisciplinary nature of the minor, students must study both in arts and humanities and in sciences. Students are required to complete a total of at least 12 credits from the two categories below: a minimum of three credits from humanities and the arts and a minimum of three credits from the sciences. Completion of the minor also requires at least six credits at the 400-level in either humanities and the arts or in the sciences. With the permission of the person in charge of the minor (Ariane Cruz, , one-time "Special Topics" courses and other classes that focus substantively on gender and sexuality may be substituted for courses listed below.  Please contact the minor's person in charge to ensure this credit is registered. For other courses, please be prepared to provide a syllabus or other documentation of the course content when requesting such substitutions.

Interested students are encouraged to declare the minor, so that they can be informed of one-time courses available to them for the minor. Students may use the on-line declaration of minor system.

A. Sexuality studies in humanities and the arts (all courses are 3 credits unless noted):

B. Sexuality in the sciences (all courses are 3 credits unless noted):


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